Do fun things together

Stay up to date about nearby K-pop events

And get to know fun, new and interesting people!

It works very simple

1 Tell us what activities you like to do

Select which activities you like to do and how far you're willing to travel

2 Receive fun activities in your mailbox

We keep you up to date about fun activities near you

3 Subscribe and get to know likeminded people

Meet people with similar interests and go do fun things together


Are enthusiastic about creativity and learning new things

Especially for fun and curious people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

You can meet fun new people. And other fun people can get to know you.

Together we can learn from each other, have fun and discover new things.

Doing things together is the perfect icebreaker

Meeting new people can start off kind of akward. Doing something together breaks the ice. You'll know you have similar interest and something to talk about.

Glem is a informal and low-key way of meeting people. And who knows... it could be a start of a new friendship!

Hand-selected activities. Given by professionals

We only add unique, fun, creative and shareable activities

One because the organizer immediately takes the lead, you don't have to adopt a "wait and see" approach.

Our guarantees

  • Locations nearby you
  • Only real people
  • No strings attached
  • For every budget
  • 100% private
  • Verified profiles

Less online scrolling. More doing things together

We believe that there is a direct link between social connections and happiness.

Glem wants to bring people back together. Less online scrolling and more being in touch with your own local community.

Do things together. Learn new things together.

Why we made this

We think it's better to do something on a regular basis, where you are not solely going "to make friendships", but to partake something that you enjoy.

Doing fun and awesome things in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. A great way to start a conversation.

The rest will take care of itself!



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